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A new website

Welcome to my new website.

Much of the content of the old site will be transferred, but an overhaul of the content is also long overdue, so I'll be changing quite a lot of the site over the next few days (and possibly) weeks.




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last updated: Jun 18 2015 3:47 PM
  • Delivery Reports / Read Receipts
    After an installation of Google Apps, some people are concerned about the lack of the delivery report / read receipt feature. In one installation I did across 2 companies with ~60 users I was told that this could be a “deal-breaker” but after discussing it with the management, they agreed to give it a go [...]
  • SugarSync: Pros and Cons
    Before I installed Dropbox I briefly checked out what alternatives were available. One of the most interesting is SugarSync, another backup/synchronization service. First the pros: SugarSync (IMHO) does have some advantages over Dropbox (for my uses): the ability to sync any folder (not just one designated folder) the “SugarSync” File Manager “Share folders with permissions [...]
  • Dropbox Security
    You may, as I did, wonder just how secure your data on Dropbox is. Can the guys and gals at Dropbox read what’s inside your super-secret file? What happens if you, or someone you’re sharing a folder with, accidentally deletes something important? Where are your files actually kept? These excerpts from the Dropbox website should [...]

How can I help you?

With over 15 years experience in IT Management, Website Development, Networking, Programming, Server Configuration, Hardware Installation & Maintenance, User Support and more,  I can provide jargon-free advice and consultancy.

Whether you're starting a new business, or want to update the systems and technology in your existing business, I'll help you make the right choices.


Do you want to start selling products or services online?  Do you need to turn more browsers into buyers?  I can guide you through the choice of eCommerce systems, payment gateways and accounts.  Once we have decided on the very best options, you can relax while I develop your site and host it for you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Perhaps you want to improve your website's position in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)?  Many SEO companies will offer an expensive 'quick-fix', but I'll help you manage your site so that it performs consistently well in organic search results, sometimes referred to as 'natural listings'.

Make your website stand out

Add content to your website which will engage your visitors and keep people coming back.  I'll advise on and install solutions such as Interactive pages, Video and Audio content, Live Chat, RSS feeds and more.

Software & Applications

I'm interested in open source applications that provide cost-effective, high quality solutions to business needs.  They can help you keep costs down, without compromising on ease of use or productivity.  I'm also happy to recommend some excellent commercial products.

If you have a requirement for IT Consultancy, Web Hosting, Website Design or an eCommerce System, the pages on this site will tell you more about me and the services I can provide.  You can also contact me with any specific enquiries and I will respond promptly.

Paul Wright